Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Ebook Recommendation

Since getting a Kindle this past summer, I’ve been reading much more than usual since there are so many free and low priced ebooks available on the market.  This evening I finished reading a book by an author I’ve recommended in a prior blog.  Mortal Pursuit is the third book I’ve read by author Michael Prescott.  I really enjoy reading mystery/thrillers that catch my interest from the beginning and are the ones that I can’t put down until they’re finished.  This book is about a rookie patrol officer Trish Robinson who is in her first two weeks in a town without any high profile crimes…or so she thought.  Her day starts badly when she reports late for duty with things escalating when she and her training officer are caught up in a deadly home invasion.  Here’s a link to the book, and if you choose to purchase it through this link, it helps me buy another $.99 ebook in the next month or so.  Smile

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