Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Busy in Arizona City, AZ

We arrived in Arizona City at about noon last Wednesday and have been very busy working on cleaning up the house and shopping for items needed for the house.  This shop vacuum is getting used a lot!


Some of our shopping took us to Mesa the other day and we found this Hummer H2.  It’s license plate is 1SICKH2…our friend Ken in Spokane really wants to add one of these to his collection.


We unloaded the ATV out of the truck and put it in the garage and have also taken some items out of the cargo trailer.


Our friends Doug and Marilee in Coeur d’Alene felt sorry for us when we told them we bought a house but didn’t have any furniture.  They started us out with this housewarming gift of a dining set.  It fits very nicely on one of the tiles.


We noticed what we were sure was new termite activity in the house since we had been here in the spring.  We called the termite control company who had done the work required prior to closing and they sent a technician out for a inspection.  We showed him what we thought was new and he drilled holes in the garage and applied the treatment and also dug a shallow trench outside the house and flooded it with the termidor.  We learned a lot in talking with the technician and we we did find out later in the day that our areas of concern were with good reason as we actually saw some termites in the wall.  There were no signs of them today, so we’re hoping they went back underground getting a drink of the termination sauce on the way.


Our good friends Glenn and Sheila also bought a house in Arizona City this spring and they have been working much harder than us so we figured they needed a break.  They were our first dinner guests in the new house.  Here’s Ken, Glenn, and Sheila eating some of our Alaska sockeye salmon.


All of us will be glad when the work is done!

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