Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Van Alstyne to Wylie, TX

It was another no photo day and as it turned out they would have been very unpleasant reminders anyway.  We started the morning by finishing packing the dining table and chairs and patio table and chairs and other assorted stuff into the pickup.  We took a lunch break and then prepared to break camp for our move to Wylie.  Texas has been in a severe draught, but the last two evenings have seen heavy storms with a lot of rain…and I mean A LOT OF RAIN!!!!  We got to the point where we were ready to back the RV out, and it was not going anywhere.  Ken hooked the pickup to it with a chain and it still wouldn’t budge.  Johnny brought the tractor out and that didn’t do any good either.  So Ken drove over to the wrecker service on the next road and we were finally pulled out of the muck.  We had mud pretty close to our axels and it wasn’t a pretty picture when we finally got pulled out.  I followed in the truck while the RV spewed out mud and rocks for several miles, but we’re sure there’s still plenty of stuff underneath it.

We spent the evening with Chris, Laurie, McKenna and Kendall and will be visiting with them until we leave on Sunday.

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Gran'pa Santa said...

Sorry to hear about you getting stuck in the muck but I'm glad to hear about the rain. My kids in Austin and Cedar Park have been concerned about the continued drought.