Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Go Away Black Cloud!

We didn’t have much planned for today other than re-packing some of the stuff we had picked up at Terry and Sylvia’s, but that black cloud continued to hang over us with different plans.  From inside the motorhome, I’m able to hear and/or feel the vibration of our freezer in the bay below the couch.  The compressor will turn on and run for a short while then turn off and not come back on for 15 minutes or more in it’s normal routine.  This morning, it sounded like it was turning off and on every minute or so which didn’t seem like a good sign.  I went out to check and noticed frost crystals forming on several of the packages in the freezer and I later put a thermometer in it to check the temperature.  I checked it again in the early afternoon, and temperature in it had gone up to 25 degrees…NOT A GOOD SIGN!!!  Knowing it would be a while before we could do anything to repair or replace the freezer, we bought a small freezer at the local Home Depot and set it up in the middle of our living area in the motorhome.  We got it plugged in and since the instructions said it would take at least 4 hours to get cold, we went on to visit with Chris, Laurie, McKenna and Kendall for the evening.  We called it an early evening so we could get back and transfer food to the new freezer.  It feels so much better to know that what we had left of our Alaska seafood has not gone to waste!

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

Glad you saved that Alaska seafood! What a pain to have to deal with equipment malfunction during the holiday. Hope your Thanksgiving Day is special in other ways!