Saturday, June 20, 2009

6/12 - 6/13/09 - Chicken, AK and Eagle, AK

This photo was taken inside the Chicken Bar where we stopped for a beer. This couple drove over that day from Dawson City (he's the city manager there) to attend Chicken Stalk which is an annual event in Chicken.

And no bar is complete without a smiling bartender.

We took a day trip to visit the town of Eagle, Alaska. The next couple of photos are of the historic Fort Egbert. When we were looking at the buildings from outside, some folks from town came over with the keys to the buildings and took us on a non-scheduled tour.

These old boat motors were inside one of the buildings and we just had to post this for our friend, Terry, who collects antique motors.

Early in May, Eagle was devastated by the worst flooding of the Yukon River in history. I believe there was somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 homes and buildings that were totally destroyed. The first picture is of Front Street where businesses were destroyed.

There were buildings on their sides.

Several vehicles were also severely damaged in the flood.

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