Sunday, June 21, 2009

6/16/09 - Tok to Delta Junction, AK

Today's drive was about 115 miles, so we had time to stop at Delta Meat and Sausage and pick up some sausage to take with us. Of course, we had to try out the free samples they had available too.
This is Rika's Roadhouse located north of Delta Junction. We stopped here for the night, had buffalo burgers for lunch, took a tour, then went for a drive to see what we could see.

We drove back to the visitor's center which marks the end of the Alaskan Highway. Since we drove up the Cassiar, we have yet to see the beginning.

This moose was about a mile from Rika's and didn't seem at all disturbed that we stopped to take photos. He was just too busy eating.

This is a view of the Alaska Pipeline about 25 miles south of Delta Junction.

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