Sunday, June 28, 2009

6/27/09 - Sightseeing in the Fairbanks Area

This was another questionable day for good weather, so we decided to just do some sightseeing close to town. We started out by driving south on the Parks Highway, then returning to Fairbanks with some side trips.
These couches covered with stuffed animals sat on the hillside above the Parks Highway.

We had heard about Skinny Dick's Half-Way Inn from friends who drove by it last year. We stopped in for a coke and looked through their gift shop.

As we headed back toward Fairbanks, Ken spotted this moose on the hill beneath the powerline.

We stopped in Ester Gold Camp and were disappointed to see that it was pretty much closed down. The Malemute Saloon is where Alaska poet Robert Service wrote some of his most famous poems.

We saw several sandhill cranes as we stopped at a viewing station by Creamer's Field.

We went back and took the tour of the Large Animal Research Station (LARS) and the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The muskox climbing the fence is a 13-month old who was very anxious to get another treat as his mother looks on.

This caribou at LARS also appreciated the treats.

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