Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6/6/09 - Fjord Express to Juneau

Since this is most likely a one and only trip for us, we wanted to get to as many towns in Alaska as reasonably possible. We had checked into the Alaska Ferry, but it would have been quite costly and an overnight stay in Juneau would be required adding to the cost. Bob and Karen, who were parked next to us, told us about the Fjord Express to Juneau: -- that trip worked out perfectly for us and was well worth the cost of $155 each plus tax. We left Skagway at about 8am with a stop in Haines and a few hours in Juneau and returned about 12 hours later. The following photo is of the Fjordland which took us to Juneau and back.

On the left is deckhand, Sierra...on the right, is owner/captain, Glen.

Glen brought the boat in close to shore to see these newborn harbor seal pups.

One of many bald eagles along the route.

There it blows!

Whale tail.

Sea lions rookery


Juneau waterfront

Juneau is a busy port for both cruise ships and float planes.

Mendenhall Glacier

The following three photos are of a young humpback whale that kept us entertained for well over 30 minutes. Glen told us that it was about 22' long and grew at the rate of about 8 pounds per hour.

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