Saturday, September 3, 2011

Taking it Easy

I can’t believe it…we had another relaxing day and no photos taken.  This morning I went for a long walk along Lake Conconully with our host and friend Marilyn.  Back at the RV, I did a lot of reading…I’m really loving this Kindle where I can have books when I want whenever I want and free and cheap books too.  Ken and I went for another walk this afternoon to put some things in the mail then stopped to get some ice cream.  Then it was back to the camp for another evening of visiting with friends.

1 comment:

Linda A. said...

Relaxing days sounds good to me.
Also, I'm starting to rethink the
Kindle....I've always loved books,
shopping for them, touching them
looking at the covers, etc. But,
I do have to admit, when you run
out of something to read, you
definitely have the advantage!
Enjoying your travels....!