Friday, September 9, 2011

50th Class Reunion–Pizza Party

Traditionally, the first day of Ken’s class reunions start with an evening at Chico’s Pizza in Moses Lake.  Earlier in the day we met up with Glenn (another classmate) and his wife Linda and we all went to visit Don and Harriet.  Early in August, Don went into cardiac arrest while shopping in a local store.  Fortunately, officers trained in CPR were also there having coffee, and they were able to get to him right away.  He got a trip to Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane in a helicopter, had angioplasty, and was back home in a couple of days.  He’s looking pretty healthy now (considering that experience) here with his wife Harriet.


At Chico’s, we didn’t get any decent photos.  The lighting wasn’t very good on the photos Ken did take, and besides he was way too busy visiting with former classmates.  This photo is of a rickshaw Ken built for his Junior Prom.  Ken is sitting in the rickshaw and his classmate Steve is holding it.  We met Steve at the pizza party last night and this is the first class reunion he has attended.


We had a great evening visiting with everyone and then went back to the RV to get rested up for another day.

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