Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day in Conconully, WA

We had another very quiet and relaxing day in Conconully, WA.  Shortly after finishing off our breakfast burritos, our friend came by to invite us to the breakfast in town all the neighbors where all the neighbors were going.  It was bad timing since we had already eaten, but after Ken got ready to go we walked over to the café to join them.  Ken managed to find room in is stomach to share some of Mike’s omelet and has browns.  Several of the RVers in the area where we were camped were going back home this afternoon to get ready to go back into the working world.  By the time they were all gone, it left Ken, Marilynn and me.  The weather was so nice outside that we barbecued some hamburgers and ate outside.  A little later, we had a nice campfire.  Here’s Marilynn.


and here’s Ken.


Prior to dinner and relaxing, Ken got the ATV loaded again, and put things away so that we would have less to do before our getaway in the morning.

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