Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pickup Problems

We decided to drive into Omak late this morning to get a part for the ATV and to get my hair cut.  Within a couple of miles of leaving Conconully, the drive shaft disconnect disengaged.  Fortunately, we were able to get off the road in wide turnout above a small farm.  After trying to get the drive shaft to work again without success, the owner of the farm stopped to see what was going on.  Ken went down to the house with him to make some calls, and then they both came up to the truck to work on the problem.  Hank (the farm owner) even crawled under the truck and did all the work to get it temporarily fixed for us.


Once the truck was back in working order, we drove on into town.  Obviously the farms around here have been harvesting hay.


There has been a forest fire in this area that can be seen from the road to Conconully, but we’ve heard it’s pretty well contained now.


After completing our errands in town, we returned to the RV.  We unloaded the ATV from the pickup.  We drove back to Hank’s farm to give him some Alaska salmon and returned to camp for happy hour with all the neighbors, dinner and relaxing.

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