Saturday, August 10, 2013

7/20/2013–Day Trip to Mammoth in Yellowstone National Park

We got an early start as we wanted to drive out to the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park today.  We lucked out and some better wildlife sightings today.

A few elk in this photo including the one where only it face and ears show.


We turned into a service road and had this big guy headed right at us…that caught us by surprise!


It look like he was giving us the “evil eye” as he continued across the road.


At one of our stops to watch the elk, Ken was talking to this couple when their son decided to use Ken’s camera’s mono stick to stand up.


We watched this cow elk for quite a while and we assumed she was keeping an eye out for her calf.


We never did see the calf, but this young bull elk walked across the hillside.


We pulled into a parking space near the post office in town, and looking at the next building to the north, there was a cow elk grazing on the lawn.  Her calf was hidden behind a bush up against the building.


Later, it was time to rest in the shade of a large tree.


We drove out the north gate and looked around the town of Gardiner.  This is the arch at the north entrance.


The sign on the arch.


Back in Mammoth, we took time out for an ice cream cone at the store before heading back to the RV.

We saw this unusual RV parked in town.


There’s plenty of unusual landscape within the park.


Sheepeater Cliff



Even more elk than we saw earlier at this stop.


Love to watch all the geothermal activity.


After a long day in the park, it was nice to get back to the RV and just relax the rest of the evening.

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