Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Last of the Huckleberries Are Gone!

We’ve been feeding and maintaining our sourdough starter since our niece Jennifer gave it to us while in Alaska the summer of 2011.  I add to it every couple of weeks and then we usually have sourdough pancakes the following morning.  When we made our three week trip to Montana last summer, we picked a nice supply of huckleberries which I froze and I’ve been adding them to the pancakes.  This morning I added the last of the huckleberries to the pancake batter and other than the leftovers we’ll enjoy Sunday morning, that is the end to the huckleberry pancakes for a while.  Sad smile


Later in the morning, we drove around town checking out the local garage sales, but we didn’t find anything we really needed, so we returned to the RV.  For the remainder of the day, Ken was kept busy on projects in the garage and watching the college football games while I caught up on laundry.  We’re looking forward to another quiet day on Sunday.

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