Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ken installed the satellite dish to the fence on Wednesday, but after working with it the signal wasn’t getting to the receiver.  We tried several different settings over the last couple of days, and we’re now thinking that we tried using this dish at one time in our lot in Texas without having any success.  The next step will be to set up the tripod with a dish and a BOW (bird on a wire).  That will be our project for the weekend.


Our neighbors, Joanne and Phil, invited us to their house for Thanksgiving.  Ken offered to fry a turkey for the occasion and we had another one so that we could have leftovers that are always so good over the next few days.  While Ken had the first turkey frying in the pot in the backyard, I prepared enough stuffing to take to the meal as well as have some to have with our turkey.


The first turkey has just been removed from the fryer.


It’s looking very tasty!


Once we had everything cooked and ready to go, we loaded things into the truck for the very short drive (there are two vacant lots between our houses) to Phil and Joanne’s house.  Phil (in the middle) is giving Pam (another friend of theirs) a bad time and Ken is getting a good laugh out of it.


Joanne (who Phil calls the Boss) is in the background while Ken and Phil are chatting.


Our neighbors Greg and Sadie also were here for dinner although I didn’t get any photos.  Once the meal was ready, I just got into pigout mode and ate until I was stuffed.  After dinner, we sat around visiting for a while, then headed back to the house to clean up the fryer and other dirty dishes.  Once that task was completed, we headed back to the RV for a quiet evening watching football, reading and surfing the net.  Ken got a phone call from our niece and nephew in Alaska to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving and he enjoyed catching up with what all they’ve been up to.  Back to the quiet evening.

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