Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11/8–11/20/12–Working on the House and Many Trips to Home Depoo

This photo didn’t turn out very well, but there was a double rainbow when I looked outside one day.


We’ve been keeping busy working on the house.  Ken has been crawling through the attic pulling cables for satellite tv, internet and some electric wiring.  Of course, that has created the need for several trips to Home Depoo.  After a trip there today, that spelling says it all.  With the heat in Arizona, many businesses in the area would rather let people bring their dogs into a store then let the pets suffer outside in a closed up car.  I have no problem with people who take care of their pets, but I do have a problem with those who don’t.  While shopping there today, we followed one of the associates down this aisle and found these little piles as seen in the lower right hand corner of this photo.  If you must take your pet with you to a store rather than leave them home where they’re probably more comfortable anyway…PICK UP AFTER THEM!!!!


We’ll be spending Thanksgiving a few of our neighbors.  Ken will be deep frying a turkey for that dinner as well as one for us so that we can enjoy the leftovers.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and family!

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