Saturday, June 16, 2012

Demetrius’ Graduation Party

Saturday, June 9th was the graduation party for Demetrius at our daughter’s home in Nine Mile Falls.  Ken and I went out there a little early so that we could help Laura with some of the preparation work.  Our granddaughter Bailie found these glasses to wear.


And here is Demetrius, the graduate.


Demetrius is standing between Mary Ann and Ron, Ken’s brother and wife.


Bonnie baked a special cake for the party.


Here is Tim with he and Devri’s new addition to their family, a little girl named Quinn.


This is Tim and Devri’s oldest child Cooper.


Dominique is Laura’s youngest son (our other grandson in the Spokane area).


Butch and Bailie were here for the weekend from Cheyenne.  Bailie will be graduating in a couple of years.


Bob’s mother and Devri.


Having a new baby meant a lot of passing her around so we could all have a turn.  Kayley (Demetrius’ girlfriend) and Demetrius holding Quinn.


Brandon is the newest addition to Laura and Bob’s house.


Laura holding baby Quinn.


Ken on the right and his brother Ron on the left.


In addition to the cake Bonnie brought, Demetrius had requested another special dessert.  Dominique, Butch and Demetrius are digging into this special concoction of ice cream sandwiches topped with cool whip, then drizzled with carmel and chocolate sauces.  If that’s not enough, those items are repeated and then sprinkled with a generous portion of chopped pecans.


Devri with Bonnie holding Quinn.


Demetrius is looking on as his dad Bob is holding Quinn.


There were numerous other photos of baby Quinn being held by pretty much everyone at the party, but we’ll stop here.  The food and party was fantastic and went by very quickly.

Before flying back to Denver on Sunday, Butch dropped by to join us for breakfast and to say his goodbyes.

I don’t have any photos for the remainder of this week, but we’ve been kept busy with doctor appointments, picking up supplies for a project Ken is doing for the Elks lodge and also helping out in the Elks kitchen for taco night.  That’s all until my next update!

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zerry ht said...

It must have been a lovely party, it seems so from these wonderful photos. I am also arranging a party for my son’s graduation next week. We were planning to have a small party with few family members, but my parents and some relatives are flying here in a few days. So we had to book a larger party hall at one of the Los Angeles event venues.