Sunday, July 12, 2009

7/9 - 7/10/09 - Trapper Creek - Petersville - Talkeetna

We left Denali National Park and our next stop for 2 nights was Trapper Creek Campground. Once we were set up, we drove to the Peterville Road and stopped at The Forks Roadhouse for a burger and a brew.
When we left Denali and drove to Trapper Creek, it was raining and we didn't get a good view of Mt McKinley from Mile Post 135. The next day was another clear day, so before driving down to Talkeetna, we drove up there again for a photo opportunity. As we were walking up to the viewpoint, we looked back and saw Maggie, Jim, Amy, and Andy who were on the bus ride with us 3 days ago into Kantishna. That's them in the next photo with Mt McKinley in the upper right, and Hunter Mountain in the upper left.

Talkeetna was preparing for their annual Moose Dropping Festival on Saturday and Sunday. We purchased a chance on that and looked around the town. There were several very unique log buildings.

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