Friday, July 3, 2009

7/3/09 - Fairbanks to Denali National Park

We left Fairbanks this morning and made our way down towards Denali National Park for the next week. It was a beautiful day and we actually saw Mt McKinley as we headed south. See the next photo and look very closely above the dark mountain range. I know it looks more like a cloud, but it is really the mountain!
We arrived at our campground for the next two nights before we go into campground inside the park and quickly set up so that we could go exploring to see what we could do in the park. We were able to drive the truck 15 miles into the park before we had to turn back. There was a viewpoint a couple of miles before we had to turn where we had another view of Mt McKinley. Again...look's really there.

This caribou was relaxing in the creek on a hot summer day and didn't seem bothered by onlookers.

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