Saturday, October 13, 2012

10/8–10/10/12–Eureka, CA

Before leaving Brookings, Oregon and crossing the border into California, we filled the fuel tank so that we wouldn’t have to have too many stops for their high prices.

We followed this logging truck with a full load of only 5 logs.


We drove across the bay to the Samoa area.


There are what remains of an old bunker site.



Back in town, we drove by the Ingomar Club, a large private mansion.



One of the streets in the older downtown area of Eureka.


We were parked and watching this marina where there were hundreds of birds to our right.  Suddenly, they all headed out to our left, but returned after a short time.  We’re assuming that one of the fishing boats may have thrown something overboard that got them all excited over a free meal.


Since the Eureka Elks has full hookups, we took advantage of that to get caught up on laundry and some other cleaning shores while there.  It also gave us a chance to have our mail catch up with us.


hobopals said...

When we were in Brookings one year, it looked like the harbor was boiling. It turned out that anchovies had clogged it. There were so many there wasn't room to swim. The locals were not happy as it put a damper on their fishing and crabbing.

It's a shame, Glen Morrisette is in Brookings area, now.

You're in the area of the country that is very dear to my heart. Enjoy. :)

IdahoRV said...

hobopals...thanks for your comments. I can't seem to get out of my week behind in posting. I'll be trying to update this weekend.