Saturday, October 13, 2012

10/6 & 10/7/12–The Oregon Coast from Brookings to Gold Beach and Back

The afternoon on Saturday October 6th was sunny so we decided to take a drive north toward Gold Beach and stop at various ocean viewpoints.

Several other people had the same idea.


The seagulls were enjoying someone’s picnic lunch (or what was left of it).


Oregon has these stations set up at several sites along the coast.


Arch Rock with blue water looks like it would be off the coast of Mexico or someplace warmer.


We assumed that this was House Rock as it has the vague shape of a house at the top of the rock.


On Sunday, we drove to Gold Beach to have a look around.  We were glad to have gone to see some of the ocean access points on Saturday since it was quite foggy.  We crossed this bridge several times in the last couple of days.


Once we arrived at Gold Beach, we had plans to try the same restaurant that Bill and Diane had been to the other day.  Unfortunately, it was closed on Sunday.  So before finding another location for lunch, we took a loop drive up the Rogue River and back.  There were very few locations where we could actually see the river.  But at this point, there were people fishing out of a boat on one side.


And another person was on shore cleaning his salmon.


Driving down the river on the other side, we spotted this herd of elk.


The waves must be really strong in this area judging by the large amounts of driftwood on the shoreline.


The it was back to Brookings for our last evening there.

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