Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Winter Travel Has Started

After close to 6 weeks at the Spokane Elks, our winter travels have begun.  This morning we hitched up the cargo trailer to the motorhome and I prepared to follow in the pickup.  We stored the RV host supplies in the basement and turned in the cash fund to the office, said our goodbyes and were on the road.  I had planned to get a photo of our vehicles before leaving the Elks, but got sidetracked.  But, here we are sitting where we stopped for lunch north of Pasco, WA at a produce store we stop at whenever we travel through this area.  The livestock truck is not a part of our travel group!


After lunch, we continued on our way and stopped at the Wildhorse Casino where we’re dry camping for the night about 5 miles north of Pendleton, Oregon.  Tomorrow we’re planning on stopping somewhere near Boise, Idaho.

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