Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Loading the Cargo Trailer

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been getting the cargo trailer loaded for our trip south.  We first parked it beside Ron’s (Ken’s brother) hanger at Felts Field.


The heaviest items to load were some wood cabinets that we will use for storage in the garage in Arizona.  We removed all of the drawers before taking them out to the trailer, then put the drawers back into the cabinets.


A few days later, we got all of the stuff we had stored at Ron’s house.  That filled the back of the pickup in addition to the back seat.  Then it was time to transfer all of that stuff to the cargo trailer.


Ken had been busy rearranging the load to even things out and managed to put his back out again.  We had planned on leaving Spokane on Tuesday, but we are now holding off until Friday to give Ken’s back some time to get better.

I just finished another inexpensive Kindle book today and highly recommend it if you’re into mystery and detective type books.  The Abbey by Chris Culver is only $.99 on Amazon and can be purchased through the following link.

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