Friday, August 29, 2014

8/29/2014–Day Trip to Holbrook, AZ


We drove up to Holbrook for the day to look into local tourist information and check out the Elks lodge.

We were greeted in Holbrook by the local dinosaurs.


We drove to one end of town and found a local shop where the owner modifies Volkswagons.

This one is a working RV.



The owner invited us to take a look inside.  It’s not very roomy as the bed takes up most of the space.  It looked like it would also be made into a dinette table.  There was a stove in the middle of the photo and the icebox is to the right.


His latest project seems to be a low rider VW van.


It looks like Ken would have a difficult time fitting into this car.


Another one of the shop owner’s project cars.


The visitor’s center was also the local museum which we took time to tour.

This is a machine that stencils lettering for crates.


A unique old safe.


The town’s old jail is in the basement of the building…did not look too inviting.


The courtroom and judge’s chambers were on the upper floor and there was an extensive law library.


This is a wooden book binder.


After picking up a few items we needed, we headed back to our camp by the south entrance of Petrified Forest National Park.

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