Saturday, May 4, 2013

5/3–5/4/13–A Trip to San Antonio & Removing Dead Trees from the Lot

Due to cold and windy weather, we spent Thursday inside and didn’t go anywhere.  Friday was our anniversary and we decided we needed to get out and do something…so it was off to San Antonio to the Bass Pro Shop.  At the entrance they have a tree made out of antlers.


And something you don’t see too often in other Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas…a Texas longhorn.


Our neighbor Kenny has a bobcat and we had him give us a bid to remove several juniper trees that had died.  We wanted the fire hazard removed from our lot and we knew it was something we didn’t have time to do.  He showed up Friday evening with the bobcat and didn’t waste any time pushing most of them down.


Saturday morning, Pete and Jo picked me up at 8am to check out some local garage sales.  Kenny and his crew showed up at about 9am to take down the rest of the trees and clean up the mess

This photo is looking back at an area where we had quite a few trees and you can see Jerry & Sue’s lot in the middle right of the photo.


And here’s the burning pile of the remains of the juniper trees that have been removed…they’ll be burning all night.


Sunday will be another busy social day with breakfast out in the morning and a happy hour in the late afternoon.  Life is good!

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