Friday, February 24, 2012

RV Renovators

We’ve continued to stay busy working on the house and getting ready for a visit from our son and his family.  Ernie and Vivian, friends from Spokane Elks Lodge, were in Casa Grande and drove down for a visit and dinner one night.  On February 7th, we loaded up the RV and drove to RV Renovators in Mesa, AZ where we had made arrangements to have our front windshields replaced.  They were badly damaged from our two trips to Alaska and we were ready to have a clean line of sight out the windows again.  Here’s the RV with the new windshields.


The yard at their service facility is very packed with not too much room to move around.  They could really use a larger yard.  I wondered if this airplane was in for a renovation.


This 5th wheel sitting in the yard is 50’ long and would make a good star in a remake of The Long, Long Trailer.  Ken did some research on the company that builds this trailer and they also make one that is 55’ long.


There was even an observatory in a neighboring yard.


Here is an idea of how they cram RV’s into their yard for work on them.


While in Mesa, we spent an afternoon and evening with Wayne and Karen from Moses Lake.  They had rented a home for a month to get away from the cold weather in Washington.  After the windshields had been installed, we had to wait 24 hours before moving.  After our wait, we returned to Arizona City.

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