Sunday, February 7, 2010

2/7/2010 – Super Bowl Party

What is Super Bowl Sunday without a party?  A potluck get together was planned for the evening at Harrell & Tommie Sue’s.  While Ken was dozing off in his chair getting rested up for the big game, our neighborhood squirrel who he has been chasing away from the bird feeder returned to continue his thievery of bird food.  Here it is stretched out upside down to get at the bird’s suet.


Watching the game from left to right:  Ken, Harrell, John, and Pete.


Either my camera blurred or Jo has had too much wine.


Linda on the left and Tommie Sue working the jigsaw puzzle that we were ordered to have finished before leaving for the evening.  Mission accomplished!


Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints who beat the Indianapolis Colts 31 – 17!

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