Sunday, December 13, 2009

11/29 – 12/13/2009 – Hanging Out at Valero Estates

The blogging is slowing down as we settle into our winter habitat at our lot in Valero Estates.  Last year we put up 3 bird feeders and (so far) we have cut down to just one.  Here’s a photo with a red cardinal and titmouse enjoying a meal on the feeder.


Ken saw Dr. K in San Antonio and found out that there are improvements in back surgery since we last saw him the spring.  Last Monday he had an RF procedure and epidural steroid injection, but he’s been pretty sore compared to last year when he had the same procedures.  We’ve both been in for physicals at our new doctors and are very impressed at how complete they are compared to the doctors in Coeur d’Alene.  I have three tests scheduled for next Friday and Ken will be seeing a skin doctor after we see how the back doctor appointments work out.

This past Tuesday, our friends Bob and Dori, arrived to stay until after Christmas. 


Dori barbecued some wonderful pork ribs for an early dinner today.


Bob is very artistic and I had a project in mind for him.  We had a beautiful sunny day today that was perfect getting to work on it.  I printed out a picture of what I had in mind and cleaned off the rock that would be the backdrop for our address sign.  Bob did a wonderful job on it!  Can you guess the street number of our lot?  Here’s the outcome:


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