Sunday, November 8, 2009

11/4 – 11/9/2009 – Benson, Arizona

We left Catalina State Park in Tucson and headed to Escapees RV Club’s SKP Saguaro Co-op Park on the morning of November 4th.  On our way there, we took on diesel at Fry’s on Tangerine Rd and when we arrived in Benson, we filled our propane tank in town.  We then set up on our site in the park on lot 10 which used to belong to our friends Fred and Bev who are the very first people we met at this park 6 years or so ago.  After lunch, I walked down to the clubhouse to check things out, and found our friend Susan.  We both like to work on jigsaw puzzles and she helped me hijack a couple of puzzles out of the building.  So far…one solved and returned!

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