Thursday, October 15, 2009

10/8 – 10/11/2009 – Winchester Bay, OR

We had a great time at Winchester Bay, OR! We pulled in here having no idea where to stay so we pulled off the road, had lunch, then explored the area. One area had full hookups for $20 a night, but it appeared to be dark all the time. The dry camping areas looked more positive and we found a sight we could stay at comfortably for few days and set up camp. Our major goal while here was to catch some dungeness crab and pig out on them. That turned out to be a very difficult task. After assessing the situation, we drove to North Bend/Coos Bay the following day to see what we could find. We bought a crab pot, propane cooker, and were ready to go back and get the big ones! As luck would have it,we did not have any luck. Out on the docks, we met several very helpful people and we had a great time, but after several attempts, we only captured one very under-sized crab. But…I was determined to dine on dungeness crab! I’m slightly ashamed to say I resorted to buying crab at the local seafood market. Not a bad idea after all! We had an excellent meal!

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