Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hyder Sightseeing

Today we decided to take a drive up toward Salmon Glacier. We had already heard that the road was snowed in and we wouldn't be able to make it that far, but it was a nice day for a drive anyway. We took our time and when we got close to the snowed in section, we noticed a lumber delivery truck at the side of the road. We continued on past him, but didn't get far before we had to back down and get turned around. As we were getting close to the truck, the driver approached us and told us there was a helicopter due to land shortly and wanted to make sure we didn't park in his way. We decided to wait it out and see what was happening. The wait wasn't long and the following 3 photos are of the helicopter that came in to take the first of several loads of lumber to an exploratory camp about 45 miles north.

We drove back down to the wildlife viewing area to walk the boardwalk and see if there were any bears there today. We didn't see any, but we got this great photo of bear scat (you can tell it is bear scat because of the pepper smell and the bells in it). :)

Ken had me stand beside this very large tree behind the viewing boardwalk.

We went back to the RV to get some preparations completed for our departure on Monday morning. Then we made a return trip to the Glacier Inn in Hyder for dinner. This was the first day of their restaurant opening and they are offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner from a menu. Considering the location, the prices were very reasonable and the portions were very generous. We highly recommend trying a meal there. Everything that can be homemade is and they even make their own hamburger buns.

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